Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Making Java Groovy

I can say that this book is special. It's not a Groovy "cookbook". You won't find tons of tricky recipes around Groovy. You won't learn black art of Groovy meta programming. Strange, doesn't it. :-) Then why you should read it. Or who should read this book?

The answer is very simple - Every Java programmer who wants to be productive in daily work must read this book. The author (Ken Kousen) did really great job showing different aspects of Groovy as a language, tool and ecosystem. The reader will understand that there are tons of different appliances of Groovy:
  • Groovy scripting (@Grab)
  • Gradle, Maven/Ant automation
  • Groovy as prototyping language: REST, DB, etc.
  • Web micro-frameworks
  • Testing: Spock, mocks
  • Java/Groovy integration
  • JSON/XML manipulation
The most important thing is to understand that Groovy should NOT be used only with Grails. Java programmers must re-discover Groovy as super pragmatic language. Everything which is written in Java can be written in Groovy. Save your time and automate with Groovy.