Saturday, May 18, 2013

Short article review about JSP

Recently, I've read interesting Bozho's post Templating For Java Web Applications. Bozho mentioned and shared two stackoverflow flows which are really useful if you'd like to compare JSP with other template engines.

  1. Why would I use a templating engine? jsp include and jstl vs tiles, freemarker, velocity, sitemesh - here he provoked discussion a la "JSP vs X".
  2. JSP tricks to make templating easier? - it's short and very descriptive tutorial "how we can use JSP 2.0 Tag Files to build composable layout JSP page". Highly recommended!
There is no rocket science, but it's a nice trigger to think about:
  • when to use standard template engines
  • when to use bloated engines
  • what is the value of standard vs 3d party engine