Monday, May 13, 2013

iText Useful Resources

Recently I've begun using iText PDF generation library due to my work needs. I must admit that this library is quite powerful, but for really quick start I needed several resources with nice working samples. Here is the list:
  1. iText in Action, Second Edition, by Bruno Lowagie book is a must have if you really need to dive into library details. Also, it's very important to work in parallel with book samples I've reviewed the 1st edition of this book and must admit that the 2d is much better. I.e. don't waste your time and stick to 2d edition only.
  2.  iText and iTextSharp are very similar libraries. I.e. you can use iTextSharp code snippets as samples for iText. For this purpose I've selected the next two blogs:
  3. RoseIndia iText Examples - nice and basic iText samples.
  4. And the last item is iText forum
In general item 1 can solve almost all your needs.