Saturday, February 02, 2013

Review: Deploying with JRuby

This books is unique, because the author (Joe Kutner) did really great work collecting several JRuby on Rails deploying approaches in one book. It's very convenience if you need some sort of review in scope of this subject.

I believe that any Rails developer which think that Java/JVM is enemy camp should read it. The tools which are highlighted in this book are very interesting and provide for Ruby/Rails developers broader space.

As for Java developers it's a good start point for integration Rails in corporate Java environment. The reader get all required info to get started.

Here is a list of tools:
  • Warbler ( - Warbler provides a minimal, flexible, Ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a Java environment
  • Trinidad ( - Trinidad allows you to run Rails or Rack applications within an embedded Apache Tomcat container.
  • Kirk ( - Kirk is a wrapper around Jetty that hides all of the insanity and wraps your Rack application in a loving embrace
  • Torquebox ( - TorqueBox is a new kind of Ruby application platform that supports popular technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, while extending the footprint of Ruby applications to include built-in support for services such as messaging, scheduling, caching, and daemons.
  • jetpack (, it wasn't mentioned in book. It packages your JRuby webapp for Jetty.
I must admit that the most impressive is Torquebox. It's very powerful and it uses all power of JBoss App Server:
TorqueBox provides an all-in-one environment, built upon the latest JBoss AS Java application server and JRuby
Such features as messaging, long running jobs, scheduled jobs are provided out of the box, have nice API which easy to use. Have a try.