Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Steps with IntelliJ IDEA

I am old an Eclipse user. I've been trying several times to switch to IntelliJ IDEA.
You can ask me "what's wrong with my Eclipse experience" - actually "nothing" :-) But I have some influence from:
  • co-workers and friends
  • famous Java people are using this IDE
  • I'm constantly hearing the positive feedback about IntelliJ IDEA at different conferences
That's why I've decided to try IntelliJ IDEA once more. This time I've selected for myself some restriction and "motivation" factors ;-)

Restriction is very simple - use ONLY IntelliJ IDEA, forget about Eclipse.
Motivation is to learn the IntelliJ IDEA's productivity best practices. I suspect that something cool must be in this IDE.

First step is to collect the main IntelliJ IDEA resources and constantly grab knowledge out of there:
And the last inspiration went from Neal Ford:
His main advice is "When coding, always prefer keyboard to mouse":
Learning shortcuts
  • make yourself use the shortcuts even if you've gotten there another way 
  • have someone/something pester you about it 
    • pair programmer 
    • key promoter plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA 
  • repeat them to yourself 
  • write down handy menu combination