Thursday, January 03, 2013

Custom Putty/Kitty Color Scheme

I've been using Putty (or Kitty) as SSH client on Windows machine. And you've probably noticed those ugly color default Scheme:
It's very ugly. There is very simple steps to define you own color scheme: Configuration->Session->Windows->Colours:
Now you should manually (or via importing reg file) define new colors. Here is sample from PuTTY Colour Schemes
  • Default Foreground: 255/255/255
  • Default Background: 51/51/51
  • ANSI Black: 77/77/77
  • ANSI Green: 152/251/152
  • ANSI Yellow: 240/230/140
  • ANSI Blue: 205/133/63
  • ANSI Blue Bold 135/206/235
  • ANSI Magenta: 255/222/173 or 205/92/92
  • ANSI Cyan: 255/160/160
  • ANSI Cyan Bold: 255/215/0
  • ANSI White: 245/222/179
Also, here is screenshot from windows registry
You can find exported registry file here: Desert Color Scheme
After applying this scheme I've got something like this: