Monday, October 01, 2012

RubyShift 2012 Conference Report

Recently, a day ago :-) I visited RubyShift 2012 conference (September 29—30, 2012, Kiev, Ukraine). It's primary a Ruby conference with additional mixing from related technologies.

I'm a seasonal Ruby developer and Java is my primary programming language. So, what do I find so interesting in Ruby conference? Well, it's totally a different community with own culture, tools, frameworks and issues. It's better to break the borders and look out of the box. We might find there something interesting and amazing there.

Here is a list of speeches which are favored by me:
  1. DataMapper 2 — an object mapping toolkit, by Piotr Solnica
  2. Data Mapper is well-known pattern in Java community. It was breakthrough for me that Ruby/Rails community is not satisfied with ActiveRecord :-) Nice movement in "better" OO design direction.
  3. RVM 2: what we have learnt and where are we going, by Michał Papis
  4. I was really happy to see the guy behind this tool. The author is going to do a very important work to get rid off shell scripting and re-write RVM 2 in Ruby. I can predict that RVM 2 will be available on Windows as well.
  5. RabbitMQ Hands On, by Alvaro Videla
  6. Simple introduction in RabbitMQ. Nothing special (because it's quite popular in Java), but based on this talk it isn't popular in Ruby community (additional findings for myself).
  7. No nonsense asciicasting for serious hackers, by Marcin Kulik
  8. ASCII.IO is the simplest way to record your terminal and share the recordings with your fellow geeks.
    Very nice tool, well done and pragmatic. The presenter shared with the audience the ideas behind, technical issues and implementation details. It was really interesting.
  9. PostgreSQL in Highload Projects, by Alexey Vasiliev
  10. Alexey presented us "magical" sides of PostgreSQL. I haven't known about all those powerful extension and techniques which can be used with PostgreSQL. Well done :-)