Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Github Gists in Eclipse

I'd like to describe simple steps regarding integrating GitHub Gists in Eclipse.
There are several sources which provoke me to do this:
I've been using Eclipse Java EE destibution, Mylyn plugin has been already installed there:
1. Install EGit plugin via Eclipse Marketplace:

2. Install GitHub Mylyn Connector via Eclipse Marketplace:
3. Open View "Task List" and click "Add Repository":
4. Add Mylyn Task repository - "GitHub Gists":
5 .Then you should create Mylyn Query to fetch all Gists:

6. You should get something like this:
That's it. Have fun.

PS. Please note I've excluded such common sense steps as providing credentials for your GitHub account.

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  1. Hello,

    These instructions on how to install repository for gists (= snippets and pastes) do not seem to be up to date any more:
    - Eclipse Mars has egit pre-installed, so no need to install it.
    - There is "Mylyn Github" connector on the Marketplace before this "Github Mylyn" connector. DO NOT INSTALL THAT!
    - Github Mylyn doesn't install through Marketplace currently. Instead it needs to be installed with the URL. I believe version was 4.0, not 2.3?