Sunday, September 23, 2012

PACEMAKER LAMP Conference Report

I had a chance to be a speaker on PACEMAKER LAMP Conference. It was amazing experience.
The organizer did the job pretty well. The atmosphere was fun. I've got so many positive emotions.
I must admit that two topics were very interesting for me:
  1. Using and scaling Rack and Rack-based middle ware, by Alona Mekhovova
  2. The presenter has shared her experience in Rack and shown the most popular use cases where we can use this lib.
  3. Building rich web application with Flask and Chaplin.js, by Yehor Nazarkin
  4. This presenter has shown the another way of implementing web application without the Django framework. It's cool to see developers' efforts outside the "standard" web-stack.
And, here is the slides from my speech: