Monday, June 11, 2012

First steps in Maven

Here I'm going to collect the most important resources which helps quickly use Maven in the "right" way.

Intro Tutorials

  1. Java Brains: Maven - 10 video tutorials cover very basic Maven use cases. 
  2. Maven By Example - free e-book which step-by-step how the Maven "world." I've notices that off-line PDF book is a little bit outdated (i.e. some POM samples)
  3. Maven Getting Started Guide - guide from Apache Maven Project
I must say that item 1 is optional, but item 2 is mandatory for newcomers.

Tutorial, How-tos and FAQs

  1. Maven Tutorial - short and descriptive Q&A tutorials.
  2. AVAJAVA - Maven Tutorials - very huge collection of how-to's and Q&A, there are about 80+ articles. 

Cheat Sheets

  1. Dzone Maven 2

Newcomers should clarify for yourself the next maven items which can potentially boost their productivity in future:
  1. Maven lifecycles
  2. Multi-module project
  3. Resource filtering
  4. Maven Profiles