Sunday, May 20, 2012

JEEConf - Kiev, 2012 - Report

This year we had the second JEEConf. The amount of stages was increased from three to four stages.
I was really impressed about conference program "notebooks" :-) it was well done. The amount of people was really huge more then 600. I think it's impressive number for the second conference.

As usual I've selected the most interest topics to watch/visit to:

1. Play with Play! by Anton Naumov
The presenter briefly has shown the Play Framework v.1.2.x features and discussed the pros&cons. The most notably was that he stated the "fails" caused by this framework and how we can avoid similar stuff. The most loud message was "use Spring/MVC, Hibernate and Maven" if you are experienced with them :-). And try to use Play for prototype projects.

2. Hibernate performance tuning by Sander Mak
It's very interesting and pragmatic topic. Even more I can say this presentation was a bunch of receipts for Hibernate performance improvement. There were depicted very interesting nuances which will be definitely valuable in real life codding.I'm looking forward for slides.

3.  Methodology of performance optimization by Alexey Shipilyov and Sergey Kuksenko
It was the most low-level topic on this conference. Guys shown the different ways to perform the subject. They review and in pair-speech way very complicated issues in performance optimization from conceptual point of view. I can't say that I will be able to reuse everything from this speech, but it's great start point for me. They are very proficient presenters.

4. Becoming a Professional Java Developer by Yakov Fain
I must say "Thank you" for this speech. It was cool. Yakov has highlighted the non-technical aspect of Professional (Java) Developer. Of course his advices and observation are based on own experience and might be biased for somebody. But it's honest and reasonable speech might open "some" boring minds. Also, Yakov recommended to read his free e-book "Enterprise Software without the BS". I've already downloaded it and I'm planning to read it in nearest weeks. 

5. Inject Injection by Yuriy Litvinenko
It was like a case study report about involving DI Framework (in this case Google Guice) in legacy project. It was very interesting, because I believe it's challenging task. The presenter has highlighted the issues which his team faced with. I can say this experience might be valuable when somebody needs to decide the benefits and evaluate the risks of involving DI Framework in something "really old". Well done.

6. Cloud Java platforms: what's inside and what's the difference by Ruslan Synytskyy
It was a pleasure to see ukrainian who is one of the founders of Jelastic. Ruslan has reviewed  different types of  "* as a Service": SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The comparison criteria of PaaS's are very useful for further evaluation.

7. Why do I hate the Hibernate? by Mikalai Alimenkou
It was pragmatic, based on real experience presentation with tons of Hibernate issues. It's very useful for anyone who's developing application with Hibernate. We must know the weaknesses of our tools. Mikalai has used very interesting approach to blame something/someone: "nasty granny". You should review the slides to this presentation to understand what does it mean.

I'd like to say "Thank you" JEEConf organizers team. You are doing very important work for Ukrainian Java Community.

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