Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why you should join a user group?

Here I'd like to highlight the most important benefits for me:
  • Networking - ability to make social connections with developers from other companies
  • Learning - it's the right place to learn something for free and improve you skills.
  • Knowledge sharing - you shouldn't always take also you can give something to others. In our case it's your knowledge. Most people are very kind and really like to share own experience.
  • Public Visibility - here you can promote yourself as passionate and well skilled developer
  • Job Opportunities - you can find new contact which suggest a new job
  • Find Expert - it's the right place to find the right people which might help you to solve some technical problems
  • Become an Expert - it can happen
  • Meet Nice People - just fact :)
If you have other nice benefits please add in comments.