Saturday, July 30, 2011

IT Booze Meetup #2: Scala, Clojure, Groovy

Today, I had a chance to attend local user group IT Booze. It was the second meetup and it was very interesting, because of topics which were under discussion: Scala, Clojure And Groovy. I love such events especially in my town. :-)

I'd like to share my reflections regarding these cool languages.

As you know these languages are very popular on JVM (of cause not so popular as Java :-). And I'm sure every passionate Java/JVM developer has been thinking "what's the Next Big Language". It's really hard to choose the next one.

So, here is a short "brain snapshot":
  1. Scala and Clojure are great languages with huge amount of interesting features, but to master them we need to use Scala (or Clojure) on daily basis.
  2. Scala appeared as complex language. I think it requires a steeper learning curve then Clojure or Groovy. It means we must invest much, much more.
  3. Clojure has lisp syntax, but innovative concurrency concept is worth to look into. I say lisp, because it might be a stopper for someone to evaluate it as a next big language.
  4. Clojure and functional programming require to "patch" our way of thinking. And it can be difficult.
  5. Groovy is agile language. We (Java developers) can start using it right away. I think we should invest more in Groovy just to boost our productivity in: scripting, testing, automation routine work, etc. It doesn't require big investments and we can learn as we go.
So, here is outcome from this meetup:
  • start using Groovy
  • look into Clojure concepts
  • postpone Scala for now
Could you please share your thoughts regarding this?