Sunday, June 12, 2011

ITEvent 2011, Local Conference – Report

Yesterday (June 11, 2011) I attended the local (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) IT related conference “itEvent 2011”. I must say I am impressed. There were more than a hundred participants. And it’s amazing. We live in a very small city and this local event/conference waked up so many developers to attend this event.

The conference had three parallel flows/stages. And it’s a good sign. The organizers give us a chance to choose the most preferable topic(s) to attend. Additional good point is that each presentation was shot on video. So, I could see missed interesting topics.

Here is the talks (which I saw and hear) overview:

1. “Two sides of IT interview” by Nataliya Mukhitdunova. To tell the truth I wasn’t expected that such boring subject can be presented in such interesting way. Just wow. The speaker was concentrated on two interview stakeholders: HR and Developer. She clearly defined their goals and expectations, tips for HRs (as interviewer) and for Developers (as interviewee). And this speech was so easy made and “light” that I felt “I’m in right place in right time”. The presenter doesn’t use any slides or other supportive material, she was just well prepared with good background in this area.

2. “Kanban and the creation of the high effective teams” by Sergiy Fitsak and Anatoliy Okhotnikov. I’ve expected to hear some advices, case studies (especially BAD experience) and of cause the process implementation issues. And I’ve got all these. Thanks to the presenters. The one “minus” was that this talk wasn’t well coordinated between two presenters and they overused the presentation’s time limit. They hadn't predicted that they got so many questions and discussions. I can say that this talk really revived the audience. And it was cool.

3. “Facebook as a mobile application platform” by Yevgen Vershynin. The presenter showed us from the very begging what the Facebook platform is and how to use it. This area was absolutely new for me. Additionally, he was well prepared and his speech was very dynamic. And, even more, he showed some passion during the speech. That’s why it was so interest. I must admit that Yevgen (the presenter) showed very high presentation, communication skills, and good domain knowledge. Very impressive.

4. “How to meet customer expectations” by Ruslan Seredyuk. This topic was absolutely new for me. I mean I’ve never thought about “customer expectations” and “what is the successful project”. I like to discover something new. The presenter showed real knowledge which is based on work experience. And it’s very important. Every single case in his presentation had small life sample, which was very useful to demonstrate the all dark places in this mess area (i.e. customer expectations). Again, the presenter was well prepared with real case studies. The one "minus" is that the target audience wasn’t mentioned. And this topic wasn’t dedicated for the junior developers, IMHO.

Now, let’s talk about conference organizations:


1. There were a lot of coffee, cakes and water.

2. The registration was straightforward.

3. The atmosphere was VERY friendly.

4. The presentations' quality was good.

5. And the most important, the itEvent organizer overdid their own expectation, they gathered huge amount of IT related people in one place and gave them a chance to talk to each other and share personal knowledge, vision and contacts. As for me, the goal was perfectly achieved.


1. I think that Conference, Camp or similar event should have some motto.

2. It’s good to have agenda for every presentation/speech in English as well

3. It’s good to have target audience for every presentation/speech. It’s even more important in multi-target conference (here we can see management, technical and usability directions, etc.)

4. The conference’s web resource is in Ukrainian only. It’s good to have English as well. Also, the web resource structure could be improved.

So, the overall impression is good. This local conference exceeded my expectations. I hope we’ll have the similar event next year.