Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JEEConf - Kiev, 2011 - Report

I had a chance to attend the first and totally dedicated to Java conference in Kiev (May 21, 2011).
It was a great. The atmosphere was amazing. The organization was good, really good. The most noticeable thing was that almost every presentation was based on real problem, no metaphysical stuff :-)
There were three stages, that's why I couldn't attend every talk and that's a pity.

Here is a short overview of all attended talks:

1. "What Riding the Camel can do to make integration easier for you" by Claus Ibsen.
I had an idea what the Camel is, but this presentation gave me the "big picture". Actually, the speaker has been well prepared and known the presentation technique very well. He showed all major aspects of Camel framework and explain its purpose.

He's shown the several Camel's DSLs: XML-based, Java and Scala. That short code snippets were really cool and clean. So, I've added into my todo list "the Camel DSL digging" ;-)

2. "The Scala and GridGain usage for the distributed systems with high efficiency" by Renat Ahmerov.
This talk and master-class inspired me to start Scala learning. I've never seen the cloud computing in action. But during that master-class was created real application for distributed computing. And the code base was so tiny and clean, so my heart falling in love to this language. The last time I had had the similar feeling when I've seen the Rails in action.

3. The problem diagnosing and GC tuning in HotSpot Java VM by Vladimir Ivanov.
This talk was like a JVM magic :-). The speaker discovered the darkest GC places I've never known about. He's opened my eyes. I even couldn't expect that GC tuning is so interesting.

4. To be in ten times faster kudos Groovy by Evgeny Kompaniec
This guy has shown the real case study:
- Why he choose the Groovy as Java substitution.
- Java code snippets vs Groovy (functionally equal) code snippets. IMHO, the most interesting and inspiration part of talk.
- Groovy knowledge sharing via pros & cons.

5. Unitils for Java testing by Mikalai Alimenkou
To be honest I've never heard about this tools. This presentation was full of practical samples and advices like a cookbook. Great talk, the presenter had a good mood and used the right jokes in the right places, he was very impressive. I wish every speaker had such good presentation technique.

6. How Graph Databases can make you a super star by Andrés Taylor
This talk was dedicated to the "beauty" of Neo4j graph DB. It was just a start point for this DB.

7. Vaadin, Rich Web Apps in Server-Side Java without Plug-ins or JavaScript by Joonas Lehtinen
I've been following this framework about a year. And I must admit that it was really impressed to see CEO of company behind Vaadin.
The talk was short and pragmatic. The major areas of Vaadin were highlighted. Then, the presenter has shown the Vaadin in action and it was cool. The community and the whole framework evolved in one year. As for me it was great to see the real person who developed so interesting stuff.

It was my 6th IT conference. I must admit it was the best, no doubts. I hope to attend the Java conference next year again.