Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: Beating the Averages

This Paul's Graham essay (Beating the Averages) is very popular among Lisp community. Someone told that it was the new Lisp push, the new Lisp wave. I read this essay and companion technical article "Lisp in Web-Based Applications" in one short. It's really inspired reading.

Paul Graham described the "hidden" power of Lisp. Unfortunately, the Common Lisp community is fragmented so much. Too many different implementations. It hurts Lisp as a sub-culture. I hope this situation will be resolved by Clojure vibrant community

Definitely, if you want to open your Lisp mind you should read this essay. Nothing special from technical point of view, but really cool as Lisp catalyst. Read it, feel the power, feel the spirit.

The general idea (IMHO): startup is the right place to try something new and revolutionary to "kill" your competitors.