Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

I've got a real pressure because I had to learn TOO many different things simultaneous. And I had very small time frame to do the job in time. I needed some tool which can help me to organize all my learning activities.
I remembered about Pomodoro. Without any delay I started reading this book: Pomodoro Technique Illustrated: Can You Focus - Really Focus - for 25 Minutes?, by Staffan Noteber

Chapter 1: One Activity at a Time
Pomodoro concepts overview. Author present simple examples which help us to understand the real value of this technique.

Chapter 2: Context
This chapter describes how our brain works. Basic ideas and simple worlds. It’s really pragmatic approach based on applicable examples and associations.

Chapter 3. Mechanics
This chapter help us to understand the Pomodoro process in action: Pomodoro sets, Activity, Iteration, breaks, Activity Inventory, Records.

Chapter 4. Interruptions
Clarifies the difference between the Internal and External interruption and gives several advices how to manage them.

Chapter 5. Estimate
Explains basic technique for Pomodoro estimation and estimate analysis.

Chapter 6. Adapt
This chapter shows some Pomodoro best practice: tools, length of Pomodoro, breaks, progress sheet, prioritizing, mind maps, reviews etc.

Chapter 7. Team
The last chapter, it gives some advices how to apply Pomodoro technique to pair work.

In general this book opened my mind. I'm going to try Pomodoro. The most beautiful thing it that this time management technique is very simple, has small set of rules and tools.

Summary: well written book, short and pragmatic. Good start point to learn Pomodoro technique and adapt it to your own needs.